Thursday, June 7, 2012

Im Back

Its been a rough few months. Its been hard work getting healthy and then getting strong again. My competitive days may be over and I will always miss being in the mat. But I will not get old gracefully and regardless of how my body protests, I will not let it get weak!
I will probably never see 160lbs again and i'm walking around at 200lbs now (the goal is 225lbs). I've caught or passed a lot of my "healthy" lifting records and looking to set some new ones.
The last Clean and Jerk, (ugly as it is) is 225lbs and 360lbs total on the Farmers walk... Its been rough, but I'm BACK!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years eve

   Starting to get into that zone... I'm hungry, a little short tempered and generally annoyed at the world. I defiantly needed to unwind a bit. Friday I got to hang out to hang out with my nephew Neal. We are pretty close, he has been training with me since he was really little. I've been teaching him wrestling since he was in diapers. He is 12 now and dosnt need me as much anymore and I worry sometimes that I'm not "cool" uncle Joshie anymore. Without trying he gave my heart and my ego got a much needed boost!
   I picked him up at noon on Friday, we had lunch and kicked around for a bit. The plan was get a quick workout and then head over to the party at Punishment Training Center. Afterward we would go over and see my dad, his birthday is on New Years eve. (The whole world celebrates his birthday!!!) 
   He hit the heavy bag for a round then hit mits... once he shook the rust off he looked GREAT! I did a few rounds on the heavy bag and some floor work while he played a video game. He was bummed because a character he was playing had "leveled up" to high to compete in an event and was "banned". Once I finished up he casually said to me... "You would totally get banned if you were in the game." I smiled and we laughed as I did my superhero-flex-pose. then ave him a sweaty hug. (He's not to big for that yet.) 
   We had a great time at PTC and he chowed down on pizza and brownies. I really needed the chance to just goof off and decompress with my buddy.
   It may seem silly and I know he wont really understand how big of a deal it is to me, but knowing that he still see's me as bigger then life is the best performance enhancer there is. I feel like a monster just because of how he see's me, his opinion counts for more then I can explain.  My workout this morning was super intense, my evening workout even more so. We laid on the couch and watch the Dream New years eve fights. Wrestling and grab-assing whenever I got up or he walked in by me. 2 really really good days in a row. 
   I am totally exhausted after this last workout but I feel bullet proof. My mind and spirit is ready to do another 5 rounds of ground and pound... No party for me tonight, no celebration. Just some turkey and veggies, a little water and maybe some dried fruit. I cant wait for morning to get here so I can run in the fog and be a superhero again. I know my opponent is training hard, but he doesn't have the edge I have! 
Uncle Joshie is...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Starting the cut early

 Talking with some of the guys at the gym about the upcoming fight. I found out that the weigh-ins are are the same day as the fight, which completely changes my preparation. there will be no time for a water cut and re-hydration. I might be able to get away with 2-3 lbs but anymore could seriously affect my performance. So I have had to tighten up my diet significantly and start cutting.
 Saturday and Sunday looked like this:

weight 167
coffee and 6 prunes
Thermafuse C4, milk thistle, L Carnitine (I am out of DIM, Cordyceps, L Arginine & Omega3)
20min jacuzzi, foam roller and stretching

a.m. workout- 
4 mile run with vest, 
30 min on bike, 
leglift/jump squat/push up-8min amrap

tuna, pear
coffee, mixed unsalted nuts
more coffee

p.m workout
Anabolic Ignition & Thermafuse, L Carnitine
10k row
3-5min rounds on heavy bag
10- 100m sprints (running)

Tomato, Tuna, dried apricot
diluted cherry juice and almonds

late p.m. workout
3 min jumping rope, 1/2 mile run
4-500m sprints 1 min rest (rower)
easy 30 min on bike

more cherry juice and mixed nuts

*same supplements, and jacuzzi-stretch

a.m workout
3 min jump rope, 10 pull ups/25 squats x 3
5 mile run
3-5min rounds on heavy bag (lots of kicking)
2-5min rounds of Ground and Pound

turkey, tomato cucumber

water and mixed nuts

1hour nap

coffee, dried apricots

p.m workout

5miles on elliptical (26min)
2 miles on treadmill
push up/ squat/ neck harness- 4 rounds
40min on bike

tuna and (mostly) spinach salad, apple

Weight 165...

 The plan now is to get my weight as close to 155 as soon as possible so that I have time to acclimate. I want my metabolism to adjust, and be able to focus on training more then cutting. I walk the line between weight management and over-training but I have never in my life missed weight. I have it down pretty good at this point but it will be different without doing a water cut. I usually am good for 6-8lbs of water that I can replenish without consequence as long as I have a full day but that option is out. 
 Tomorrow I wont do a morning workout. After work I'll head in to the gym and depending on energy level I may get on the bike after training. I had hoped to be a huge 155lb-er but it looks like that is out the window. After X-mas when the funds are better I will replace my stocks of supplements. Including L-glutamine, DIM, Omega's, and Cordyceps.

155, here I come!
Sunday12-18, 8pm